Fire Damage Inspections & Testing

Our Inspection & Assessment Services Include:

  • Insurance Claim Estimating and Coordination
  • Fire Damage Inspection & Assessment
  • Professional Restoration & Reconstruction Estimates
  • Inventorying Damaged Contents for Claims

Inspection Process:

We will work closely with property owners and their insurance companies throughout the restoration process. During the Assessment phase, we will follow these steps while inspecting all of the affected areas.

  • Visual survey of the area
  • Ensure area is safe, power is shut off as needed
  • Damage assessment & photographic documentation (this will be ongoing)

Type of Smoke Damage:

Depending on the type of fire which affected the area, the damage may vary greatly. Smoke damage is broken down into several categories:

  • Wet Smoke:

    Usually associated with low heat, smoldering fire, Wet Smoke carries a very pungent odor, is sticky and smeary to the gloved hand. Smoke Webs are more difficult to clean.

  • Dry Smoke:

    Typically caused by fast burning, high temperature fires.

  • Protein Based Smoke:

    Invisible, but badly discolors paints and varnishes - extremely pungent odor.

  • Fuel Oil Soot:

    From commercial or home furnaces when they "puff" back smoke, causes oily, hazardous soot & oil spots.

When we have finished the initial Assessment, we will review the information with the owner and his insurance company. We will determine what the extent of the restoration will be, identify what demolition may need to be performed, and identify what property will be moved for storage and off site restoration as well as what items are unrecoverable and will need replacement.

Documentation & Reporting:

Our entire assessment process will be documented in writing along with photographs. This information will be used when processing insurance claims and is a strong benefit to the property owner.